The Best Guide for Buying Living Room Lamps(2022)

Whether you are working, doing chores, or just chilling at home, adequate lighting is essential for you to complete the job and to make a better atmosphere in the room. It goes the same for lighting in the living room. Maybe you are relaxing with your friends and family members, or watching TV quietly, the right lighting will turn your living room into a cozy and attractive place.

To make various lighting effects, you can go for lamps that can do so effectively. As Abigail, an interior designer with rich experience pointed out on this subject, the right lamps will immediately enhance the mood and vibe at your place.

Feather Floor Lamp with Shelves & Drawer Arched Floor Lamp With End Table

Feather Floor Lamp with Shelves & Drawer Arched Floor Lamp With End Table

Interior Design Expert

Graduated from the Interior Design Institute, Abigail is an expert in interior design. Coming from Midwest, she has many experiences in creating modern and classic rooms for clients in Chicago and Detroit. And Chairish, HGTV, and other publications have featured Allison Ruda's work.

There are a variety of lamps on the market that would suit your needs perfectly. But before shopping for a lamp, it would be better for you to know more about lamps so that you can find one that fits your room style and lighting purposes. Continue to read this guide and you will be more familiar with the most popular lamps for the living room and their respective functions.

Before Buying a New Lamp

Maybe you decide to replace the lamp that already exists in the living room. Maybe you are buying an additional one for more lighting layers at home. In either case, you should ask yourself several questions before making the purchase. Is the lighting in your room enough for your activities? Sometimes your lamp doesn't necessarily meet your needs. For instance, reading or a detail-oriented task requires stronger lighting. In this case, buying another lamp might be a good idea for the sake of your eyes.

Before actually buying a new lamp, think about the frequency and purpose intended for its use. What's more, check the space in the room available for a new lamp so that you will be prepared when shopping.

Modern 9-Light Agate Tree Floor Lamp with Foot Switch

Modern 9-Light Agate Tree Floor Lamp with Foot Switch

Factors to Consider when Shopping Lamps


When shopping for a lamp, make sure to pick one in the right size that would fit into the space. For instance, if you are attracted by a floor lamp, then the space should be large enough to accommodate it without having to move other furniture around. Thus, when you already have a small coffee table, maybe a large lamp doesn't work well with it.


It is also crucial to choose the size of the lamp, not only the surface but also the scale. As Ruda says, a lamp's functionality could decide its size. For example, if the lamp is going to be placed in the corner, you can pick a taller one. A smaller one should be considered if it is close to a chair so that you can turn the light on by reaching your arm. Anyways, the lamp should always fit the space. So before starting to look for a new lamp, it would be suggested to figure out the perfect size of the lamp after considering its main purposes.

When other features are the same, a larger lamp naturally provides more light than a smaller one. Nevertheless, other factors can influence this matter such as bulb wattage, the lamp's shape as well as the shade. Compared to downturned lamp shades, there will be more light output which is dispersed with upturned shades. Thus, you should think about these factors and the functionality of the lamp comprehensively.


You may find built-in dimmers and 3-way lamps very convenient for everyday use. For example, if you need general lighting as well as ambient lighting for your place, dimmers will be the perfect answer. With dimmers, the general lighting of a lamp can be adjusted to a gentle light. This will create a romantic or breezy ambiance. 3-way lamps, as their name indicated, provide three different intensities of lighting. However, they typically have better general lighting than ambient lighting.

Lamp Types

Floor Lamps

This type of lamp is usually larger and provides enough lighting in a big room. Floor lamps are one of the most popular types that people choose for a living room. Due to their size, they can be set on the floor without anything else to support them. If you need a lamp near your sofa or chair, a floor lamp would be a great choice.

 Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base
Minimalist White & Gold Arc Floor Lamp with Black Marble Base

Table Lamps

It can be easily guessed from its name that a table lamp is typically used for a table on which to set it. Table lamps can illuminate the spaces nearby by offering calm lighting without being too strong.

Minimalist Style 3-Light Green Table Lamp Warm Light with On / Off Switch

Minimalist Style 3-Light Green Table Lamp Warm Light with On / Off Switch

Task Lamps

Designed for special purposes, a task lamp is used for meticulous tasks such as reading and sewing by providing task lighting. It is bright enough and directed to an area. You can find task lamps in the selections of floor lamps and table lamps.


The price of a lamp mostly depends on the materials that it is made of and its features. It will cost you less to buy a simple table lamp ($100 to $200), whereas the price of a sophisticated table lamp can go up to $400. They might cost even more if the materials used are at a high price. It is pretty much the same for the two other kinds of lamps.

If you happen to have a limited budget, shopping during the holiday sales or end-of-the-year sales will save you a lot of money. Secondhand stores will also be a great idea. Because some lamps there are still in good shape but at a much lower price.

How to Pick a New Lamp

It is a simple and ideal way to upgrade the living room by getting a new lamp. To figure out the style of lamp that fits your needs the best, consider these things below.

The Space Available for the Lamp

Always check how much space you have in the living room to place the lamp. If you want to buy a floor lamp, measure the space first. Pick a lamp that will properly fit in your place to prevent crowdedness. For instance, you may prefer statement floor lamps with an additional bent arm, but they will not be a good fit if the corner space is limited. It is the same for a table lamp. Measure the table's size too. Make sure to leave a reasonable space beside the lamp to put other things on.

The Lamp's Main Purpose

When choosing a lamp, you should firstly think about the activities that it is going to be most frequently used for. So notice the tasks for which you need lighting the most. For instance, if you are a vivid reader, then you might want to go for a task lamp to be placed near the reading chair. Or if you are just looking for something that creates a soft and relaxed glow, maybe a floor lamp will be a perfect choice.

Where to Buy

A variety of lamps are available online and in furniture stores. Anyways, it is always safer to check with the store first. Remember to look into the detail of the lamp's wattage and features before buying one.

Where to Shop a Lamp

To buy a lamp for the living room, you can find different kinds of lamps from a lot of retailers. It is an ideal way to shop your lamp from reputable home decor sites like Amazon. Wehomz is also an option as it sells plenty of lamps.

In addition, you could consider other retailers that focus on home goods to buy a lamp in their stores or online. Some of the famous ones are Pottery Barn, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and IKEA. Don't forget the home improvement shops, like Lowe's and Home Depot, which offer various types of lamps too.

White Feather Gold Table Lamp Unique Modern Style

White Feather Gold Table Lamp Unique Modern Style


• How many lamps do I need for a living room?

It depends on your personal needs for lighting and, of course, how large is your living room. If your living room is rather small, maybe one lamp in the corner will suffice with enough overhead lighting. However, for a large space, two lamps might be called for or even more to provide ample lighting.

• How to choose the height of a lamp?

As to the question of picking a lamp, it is supposed to work well without being harsh to the eyes. Just remember that the lampshade's bottom must be lower than your eye level. And if there is a table lamp in the living room, be sure to choose a floor lamp of the same height as that of the table and lamp combined.

• Should I get matching lamps?

While some people prefer a traditional style where the lamps match, others care for different types of lamps. They can be complementary to make a distinguishing but harmonious room style. After all, it is up to you to decide the style of your living room.

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