3-Tier Modern Black Cube Bookcase with Metal Tower Display Shelf in Gold Frame
The striking geometric magnificence of the of this metal display bookcase is certain to be a focal point within your living space. The supported angled and off-set shelves are striking and solid, and made from premium materials to make this...
$591.99 $341.99
39.4"W x 43.3"H Matte White Decorative Fireplace Bookcase Wooden 3-Tier Storage Shelving
The modern fireplace bookcase can provide an inviting and welcoming feel to any interior. Install a 3-tier shelf to create ample space for your books and exhibits.It can be used as a bookcase or even a display area in your...
$1,858.99 $1,299.99
4-Shelf Ladder Bookshelf Modern Bookshelf Acrylic Clear Ladder Bookcase - Clear
The bookcase in the shape of a ladder, constructed of clear acrylic, provides an attractive impact and new style overall and offers a sleek, minimalist space to showcase your books and photographs that you have framed. The leaning ladder-style acrylic...
$974.99 $617.99
4-Tier Round Open Bookshelf White Display Shelf Gold Frame
This bookcase is a mix of contemporary and simplicity. The round etagere that has four shelves separated by compartments gives ample space to display your most loved books and decorative items. Modern white shelves with a contemporary frame made of...
$2,508.99 $1,689.99
5-Tier Geometric Bookshelf Curved Shape Industrial Bookcase in Walnut & Black Rotating - Walnut
A bookcase in the form of a tower built from MDF is an impressive piece of modern design for an office or home library. office, to make the perfect space. This bookcase is well-integrated along with other bent pieces MDF...
$613.99 $445.99
59" Natural Rattan Woven Bookcase 4-Tier Open Storage Display Shelving Wooden Bookshelf
The open design of the storage and the weaved rattan patterns This bookcase offers aesthetic appearance and pleasure to read, fitting in with any decor. Three shelves open and the tabletop make an ideal solution for books magazines and other...
$1,294.99 $909.99
66.9'' Black Modern Metal Ladder Bookshelf Freestanding Bookcase for Living Room - Black
This contemporary tall shelf comes with four shelves that are thickened with an ample surface that allows you to put away and display everything from your library of books and ornamental plants to knick-knacks and photographs that you have taken...
$958.99 $419.99
70" Industrial Etagere Bookshelf with Door in Metal
Are you searching for an item to display your furniture things? This contemporary and industrial standing metal shelf is an excellent option for you. This shelf is attractive and is also functional. The shelves are slim and have an ample...
$2,105.99 $1,169.99
70.9" Contemporary Etagere Bookshelf in Gold & White
I think this is the ideal option for storage solutions to your household. Five-tier shelves provide plenty of space for storage and decoration. Also, this shelf can be used to create numerous storage possibilities without limitations. Melamine board construction to...
$1,481.99 $987.99
70.9" Fan-shaped Gold & White Corner Bookshelf Bookcase in 6 Shelves - White & Gold
The design is elegant and sleek with a modern design This metal frame and white corner shelf convey a feeling of subtle elegance and make a stunning addition for your living and workplace. A fan-shaped shelf with smooth, edges that...
$1,056.99 $747.99
70.9" Modern 5-Tier Geometric Bookshelf with 1 Drawer and 1 Door in White & Gold - White & Gold
The clean, sleek design of this bookcase is a stunning and unique accent that blends in with any decor. It provides ample storage space for your most loved photographs, books, collections or other items. Made of high-quality metal that provides...
$2,057.99 $1,507.99
78" 5-Tier Black Bookshelf with Doors Storage Cabinet Gold Frame
Do you have too much clutter taking up space? Design your space with a fashionable luxury Standing Bookcase to keep the clutter in check. The solid wood frame provides strong and durable construction that showcases the gorgeous gold and beautiful...
$2,656.99 $2,027.99
78" Modern Black Steel Geometric Bookcase 6-Tier Bookshelf Wooden Tall Book Shelf
With a metal frame and MDF board, the Double-wide 6-tier bookshelf is ideal for storing souvenirs, photographs, books and other memorabilia and also displaying them in a stylish manner. If you're in search of an industrial-style rustic bookcase which blends...
$2,712.99 $1,897.99
Contemporary Stand Standard Bookshelf with Doors
Do you have too much clutter that is taking up space? Decorate your home with chic Modern Stand Shelves that manage the clutter. The richly crafted metal frame is the most durable design that showcases the gorgeous golden browns, and...
$2,414.99 $1,819.99
Creative Geometric Honeycomb Standard Metal Bookshelf - Gold
Decorate your study space with including this stylish contemporary honeycomb bookcase. It has a high-gloss lacquer finish and includes a shelving for storage that can be used to organize your wine, books and flower and other decorative items. It is...
$2,703.99 $1,689.99
Modern Abstract Etagere Wooden Bookshelf in White & Gold - White
Are you in search of an item to display your household objects? It's this Abstract Contemporary Standing metal shelf an excellent option for you. This shelf is stylish and can also be practical. It has shelves that are thin and...
$1,282.99 $909.99
Modern Corner Shelf with Metal Frame - Gold & Black
$1,239.99 $870.99
Modern Corner Shelf with Metal Frame - Gold & Black
This corner bookshelf with five levels is ideal for creating an aesthetic in your home or retail store. The corner bookcase fits perfectly in any living space or kitchen, home office or hallway, bathroom and so on. It is ideal...
$1,239.99 $870.99
Modern Freestanding Irregular Etagere Bookshelf in Gold & Black
Bring a touch of fashionable design while creating a versatile space for storage and display space using this modern freestanding corner shelving. This shelf is great for your living space or office and other spaces. The shelves are spacious enough...
$571.99 $419.99
Modern Parallel Etagere Bookshelf in Black & Gold
Are you in search of an item to display your household items? This Contemporary Parallel standing metal shelf an excellent option for you. This attractive shelving can also be practical. The shelves are slim and have ample space to put...
$2,416.99 $1,689.99
Modern White Etagere Bookshelf 47.2" Wooden Bookshelf with 2 Drawers
Bring a dash of fashionable fashion while creating flexible spaces for storage as well as display using this striking White & Gold Shelf featuring drawers. This shelf is great for your living space as well as your office. These shelves...
$2,586.99 $1,949.99
Ultic Modern & Minimalist Book Shelf with 3 Shelves & 2 Drawers in Walnut - Walnut
- Number of Drawers: 2 - Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth, Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.
$480.99 $406.99
Ultic Modern Walnut Bookshelf Bookcase with Metal Frame and Drawer - Walnut
- Material: Manufactured Wood, Metal - Color: Walnut - Number of Pieces: 1 - Assembly Required: Yes - Care & Clean: Wipe Clean With Damp Cloth, Wipe Dry With Clean Cloth.
$704.99 $497.99
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