OffWhite Boucle Floor Sofa Lounge Chair Soft Cushion Single Sleeper
This new off-white floor sofa is an amazing solution for your living spaces. A sturdy pine wood frame provides strength, durability, and function, with high-quality sponge filling and lamb plush for a comfortable and modern design. It's an ideal item...
Modern Boucle Lounge Chair White & Black Accent Chair Ash Wood Upholstery - White
This extremely comfortable lounge chair seamlessly ties in with contemporary decors, featuring a sturdy black base and a lush boucle cream upholstery. This white chair will look perfect in any modern space. This chair will turn heads and demands to...
Modern White Entryway Bench Boucle Upholstered Molecule Ottoman Wooden Frame - White
This modern white bench is upholstered in a comfortable and soft boucle, its unique geometric molecule look adds a touch of modern design while also providing a pleasant and relaxed feel to the room. Place this boucle bench in the...
White & Black Wooden Entryway Bench Boucle Upholstered with Abstract Metal Legs - White & Black
This white boucle upholstered bench at the doorway will add modern luxury to your interior. To make putting on or taking off your shoes easier, the bench comes with one soft white boucle cushion. The black wooden seat next to...
Round Light Brown Accent Chair Boucle & LeathAire Upholstery for Living Room - Brown
Take a break time in your living room with this drum-shaped accent chair. The chair composed by a soft boucle back, and a cushion which essentially designed as an interesting drum-shape to create a distinctive silhouette._This design is supported by...
White & Natural Modern Wood Accent Chair Teddy Velvet Upholstery for Living Room - White
Bask in the warmth and mixed material appeal of neutral, textural teddy velvet and the wooden finish of the accent chair. A tough wishbone frame is upholstered by boucle performance fabric to bring luxe comfort to your space. Enjoy the...
Modern White Round Lamb Wool Vanity Stool Makeup Stool - White
- Overall Dimensions: 15.7"Dia x 16.1"H (400mmDia x 410mmH)- Color: White- Upholstery Materials: Lamb Wool- Seat Fill Material: Foam- Inner Frame Material: Pine Wood, Plywood- Base Materials: Stainless Steel- Number of Pieces: 1- Assembly Required: No- Product Care: Wipe with...
Modern White Round Lamb Wool Vanity Stool with Backrest & Rotatable Chassis - White
- Color: White- Number of Pieces: 1- Assembly Required: No- Product Care: Wipe with a clean cloth and mild soap, when needed.
Modern White Boucle Dining Chair Side Chair Natural Wood Legs - White
This modern white dining chair is upholstered in a comfortable and soft boucle, its unique look adds a touch of modern design while also providing a pleasant and relaxed feel to the room. Made of premium boucle, foam, and ashwood,...
Nordic Wool Boucle Round Vanity Stool Accent Chair with Low Back - Beige
- This vanity stool epitomizes sophisticated contemporary design with its little size and striking shape. A beige boucle has been applied throughout the body of this stool, which is made of a modern feel._ - Add a touch of softness...
Mushroom Ottoman Stool Upholstered Cute Stool
Each mushroom stool is created magnificently using a fibrous root system and soft, padded filler. Use this gorgeous stool to freshen up the appearance of your bedroom, powder room, living room or any workplace. Strong and long-lasting support and structure...
Modern Green Boucle Upholstered Accent Chair with Round Back - Green
Drawing inspiration for the design, the new chair reflects modern styling with elements of art._Made of boucle and faux leather, the chair is soft and sturdy enough for long usage. Comprised of the bedroom, dining room, living room and outdoor,...
Modern White Boucle Accent Chair Lounge & Chair - White
The backrest reclines, so you may snuggle up in it like a reading chair and immerse yourself. Your living room, bedroom, or any other area in your house will look better with this chair in it. It gives a clean...

Boucle chairs add that much-needed touch of accent, style, and texture to any room in the house. Plus, they're fleecy, soft, and super comfortable to lounge around any time of the day.

Explore our rich collection of plush boucle chairs that guarantee you the highest quality materials and aesthetics at the most competitive prices.  

Boucle Chairs for Lounging

Imagine the thought of coming home to a cozy and embracing lounging chair made from exquisitely woven yarn. Relax and  fully unwind after a long day on one of these beautifully-crafted boucle chairs ideal for lounging and lazing around. 

Choose from lounging boucle chairs with luxurious upholstery or sofa boucle chairs that plop down right on the floor. These and a wide variety of other lounging boucle chairs sit here, ready to brighten up your home today! 

Boucle Chairs for Dining

Whoever thought boucle chairs were just for show never enjoyed a meal on one of these warm and snuggly seats. Our lavish collection of boucle dining chairs come in sizes and shapes that perfectly fit with any dining setup. 

Grab a set of white boucle dining chairs that are tall enough for your existing dining table. Alternatively, you can choose a boucle bench or wood accent chairs that easily serve as boucle dining chairs around your favorite coffee table.  

Treat your family to mouth-watering food on an elegant set of boucle dining room chairs. Introduce your guests to the comfort of boucle chair dining with any of these swanky chairs lined with boucle upholstery. 

Boucle Chairs for Work

Enhance your productivity and start enjoying even the most menial tasks by adding a set of opulent boucle chairs in your workplace. 

Our boucle desk chairs can pair up nicely with your workstation or any sprawling desk. Add style and substance to a dreary office by introducing a white boucle desk chair into the mix. Transform a dull workstation into an inviting studio when you throw in a white boucle office chair that demonstrates your sense of style and substance.  

A boucle office chair can come in varieties of attractive textures and sturdy designs. Pick what fits you best and turn your work into play! 

Boucle Chairs for the Bedroom

There’s nothing like adding a touch of personal style and preference when sprucing up your bedroom’s furniture. 

A small boucle chair next to your bed can provide the ideal space for catching up on your favorite novel. Find a relaxing boucle chair for your bedroom that offers you a warm nest as you binge-watch the latest titles on Netflix. Ladies can add a boucle vanity chair that creates a cozy and personal space within the boudoir. 

Boucle Chairs for Any Room

Boucle chairs come in enough variety to fit anywhere, even if you don't have a specific room or setting in mind. 

Picture a soft entryway bench covered in a soft boucle that welcomes visitors in your living room or lobby. Place a cozy boucle armchair in front of your cobbled fireplace as you savor the warmth during winter. Grab a boucle accent chair that can bring color and definition to a dull living room or lounge. 

Whether it’s a plain white boucle chair or that eye-catching boucle side chair you’ve been wanting, we offer everything at incomparably low prices. 


Can I machine wash my white boucle office chair?

Unlike sheepskin, a boucle will not get matted and destroyed, but when linen or cotton is added in its making then you can machine wash it.  

How can you clean the white boucle dining chairs?

If you have stained your boucle chair dining or a white boucle desk chair, the best option is to take action quickly first you soak up all the excess dirt or liquid immediately. Grab a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles then dip it in soapy water, preferably warm. Then blot away or brush away the remaining stains. Finish up by brushing the affected red area with light yet swift strokes. 

Can you vacuum your boucle chair?

The main step in maintaining a boucle is that yes you can vacuum your boucle chair. Utilize a small and mild attachment, and give your boucle some vacuuming attention every other week.


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