The Expert Guide To Space Saving Dining Table

We can all agree that a space saving dining table that combines the best functionality and good price is difficult to come by. It is one of the top reasons why most folks do not get a dining table at all. The hunt for a space saver kitchen table becomes even trickier if you have a big family. 

But four types of dining space saving kitchen tables can fit perfectly in the smallest space. If you know what types of dining tables these are, you will have no trouble getting the right furniture for your space. 

This expert guide to space saving dining table is all you need to know to transform your home right now!

Let's start. 

What type of dining table saves the most space?

In no particular order, the four space saving tables for your dining space are: 

1.1 Round dining tables 

Round dining tables have smaller footprints and do not have edges, making them a great choice if you are low on space. In addition, round tables also make it easy to tuck away small stools and chairs underneath

A round table design also makes everyone feel inclusive in conversations and equal access to food. Compared to others such as leaf drop tables, folding or multifunctional ones, round designs is not the ultimate space saver tables, but they are still a good choice. 


1.2 Leaf drop dining tables

Another modern space saving dining table design for a stylish home is the leaf drop dining table. These are easily expandable and highly adaptable, making them ideal for smaller spaces. 

As the name implies, leaf drop tables have a leaf/wing design, usually on the sides, that neatly folds when not in use. This makes this table multifunctional, which makes them a fantastic choice if you want a space saving dining table for 6 or more.

This collection is a great example of leaf drop dining tables that come in different designs and colors. 

1.3 Folding dining tables

Foldable space saving dining table is another category you don't want to miss for smaller spaces. These collapsible dining tables are effortless to assemble, easily portable, and you can neatly tuck them away after use

You will also love that folding dining tables can extend an existing exterior space and even an overflow table when you host a party at home. 

Check out the folding kitchen tables here, and look at the various designs, colors, and shapes. 

1.4 Multifunctional table 

A multifunctional table takes the trophy as the top space saving dining set, whether you are low on space or constantly on the move. In addition to serving as a dining table, multifunctional tables can double up as a coffee table, a center table, and a work desk. 

These versatile tables also come with storage space, which is a bonus if you are low on space. Multifunctional tables come in different shapes, colors, and designs, so you will have no issues finding the right table to suit your décor and aesthetics. 

Take a look at these multifunctional tables to get yours today.


How to choose the right dining table for you? 

Finding the right dining table can be challenging, especially for first-time homeowners. It doesn't help that dining table choices are numerous. So, here's a ready reference to find the right dining table for your home. 


2.1 Choose the right type according to the use scenario

A multifunctional table can do double duty as a dining table, a work desk, and much more. Similarly, a compact dining table is best set aside for meals, while a small space folding dining table can be used as a corner reading table

So, the first consideration for buying a dining table is establishing its purpose, and finding the right one won't be difficult. 


2.2 Measure your space and find the right size

For smaller dining spaces, measuring how much space you have for the table is a surefire way to find the perfect table. This will also be handy in helping you decide whether a round, rectangular, or square dining table works best for your space. 


2.3 Choose the color

Dining tables come in different colors – from minimalist white, black, and grey to bright neon colors, so you have plenty of options. So, regardless of your aesthetic choices and preference for décor, there is a dining table for you. 


2.4 Consider the number of seats

The number of people you want to be seated at your dining table will come down to the number of people living at home and whether you entertain guests/friends/family. 


2.5 Consider the budget 

Before you get a dining table, your budget is another important consideration. After you set aside the furniture budget, start researching, and comparing various retailers. Top furniture brands offer seasonal and other discounts, so you can easily get a premium space saving dining table without paying a hefty price. 

Pre-loved furniture and thrift stores are another great option, as you can get hidden gems at a throwaway price. 


Benefits of dining table 

A dining table offers something more than being a piece of furniture at home because the place you eat your meals plays a significant role in your health.

Eating your meals at the dining table is known to reduce overeating and promotes better eating habits and better mental health, according to the Mayo Clinic. Since technological devices do not distract you, you focus on your meal, eat a balanced diet, and develop a strong bond with your loved ones. 



Not all of us have the luxury of spacious dining areas that accommodate furniture. However, a smaller space should not be a constraint for getting that right dining table for you and the family. Dining tables come in various designs, shapes, colors, and prices, so finding one shouldn't be a problem for your space. 

Now that you know the best space saving dining table designs, pick up the one that best suits your needs, space limits, and aesthetics so you can start eating smart and add beauty to your home as well!

Written by Hailee Mercer

Hailee Mercer has been writing about home design, travel and fashion for four years. She combines her training in interior design with experience working at a furniture store to create compelling articles that connect with readers on an emotional level.

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