Best 7 Boucle Accent Chairs You Should Know : The Most Definitive Guide 2022


Boucle accent chairs are a great way to add elegance to your home. Ideal for relaxing after a long day, these stylish chairs are both comfortable and elegant. Boucle fabric is one of the most recent trends in home decor. This super comfy fabric is available in a variety of colors and styles, so it's easy to find the perfect chair to complement your existing furniture.

There is 7 boucle accent chair listed for your option:

Rounded Back Boucle Chair


1.Rounded Back Boucle Chair

With its rounded back, high upholstered seat, and wide-spreading legs, this piece is perfect for that space in your dining room where you want to create a focal point. Your guests will be drawn to the comfortable style and never want to leave the table! The fabric of this boucle chair adds a sophisticated touch to any home decor. This piece works great in smaller living room areas as well. Add a pair of these with a modern accent table in between and you have a complete look!

Its authentic vintage condition is what makes it stand out from the rest. As with all vintage items, small signs of wear may be present which only add to the character and history of the piece.


2. Acrylic Accent Chair

The acrylic accent chair is inspired by a vintage 70s design. Its subtle yet glamorous silhouette features a sculpted acrylic base and channels on the back of the chair.

The soft white boucle-like fabric, known as “White Boucle”, is an exclusive fabric created by Kvadrat and is available in limited quantities. The polished nickel hardware details at the back provide a clean, contemporary finish and are designed to complement the sculptured lines of the chair.

This piece is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your living space or bedroom.

3. Boucle Accent Chair

The boucle accent chair is a great example of the additional pieces that can be added to your living space to add personality and texture. The chair is armless, so it's meant to be placed in an area where extra seating is needed, or even as an accent in another room where you want to add a pop of color.

The chair itself is made up of both cotton and polyester, so it's not only soft to the touch but also durable enough to last for years. The chair works well with any style, from traditional and formal to casual and modern.

The chair has solid legs, which means that it will be stable without having to worry about rocking or wobbling. It does have a low back, so consider how this will fit into your existing décor. You may want to place the chair in front of something on a wall that adds height like art or a mirror.

4. Wood Frame Boucle Chair

This accent chair is the perfect way to add a stylish touch to your decor. The wood frame gives it a traditional look while the stylish and sophisticated boucle fabric brings it up to date. It features plush arm cushions that add comfort and style to the trendy silhouette.

The solid frame of this chair is lined with cushioned armrests, which add comfort and style to the modern design. This modern chair has a neutral color that will work with any decor. It has a unique shape with clean lines which makes it versatile enough for use in many areas of the home. Place this chair in your living room, den or entryway!

5. Mid Century Modern Boucle Chair

The mid-century modern boucle chair is named for its striking texture, which is created by looping yarn around a series of needles as the fabric is woven, creating a unique pattern that can be felt as well as seen. The solid American oak, walnut, and ash woods will hold up well for many years.

6. Boucle Wing Chair

The high-back design of this chair makes it ideal for relaxing and long conversations with guests. Overstuffed arms and a deep seat ensure hours of lounging in complete comfort while the winged arms and sharp lines offer stylistic elegance that can't be beaten.

This chair's trendy style will add a touch of personality to your room, whether it's your living room, guest room, or master suite.

7. Ivory Boucle Swivel Chair

This one-of-a-kind chair features a luxe European mid-century modern vibe. The ivory boucle swivel chair is perfect for facing guests no matter where they're sitting in your living room.

In addition to the cozy cushion, this ivory swivel chair features a thickly padded seat and backrest, providing supreme comfort during extended periods of leisure time.

A wonderful complement to an already existing space, this ivory swivel chair will add texture, warmth, and dimension to your interior design.

This ivory swivel chair is made of 100% polyester material and is available as shown or in a variety of other colors.

FAQ Section

Q: What is a boucle accent chair?

A: A boucle accent chair is a type of chair that is designed to fit in with the rest of the furniture in your home, but still stands out. A common feature of this type of chair is that it has fabric made from different threads, which creates a subtle, intricate pattern. The most popular types of fabric are wool and cotton, but they can also be made from acrylic or synthetic fibers.

Good boucle accent chairs have a unique design that makes them worth the investment. They can be a good way to add interesting detail to your otherwise neutral living room or bedroom. Another benefit of this type of seating is that it tends to be soft enough for sitting on for long periods, but it can also be used as an occasional piece for guests or to hold extra pillows and blankets when you're expecting company. It's great for any room in your house, including bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and dens.

Q: What can a boucle accent chair be used for?

A: While a boucle accent chair is most commonly used as a decorative piece of furniture, it can also be used to accent other pieces of furniture, such as a sleek modern sofa or even a stuffed armchair. A boucle accent chair can also be used to add contrast to an otherwise neutral-colored room. For example, if you have a lot of white and gray in your room, then you can use the chair for some color and contrast. However, you should make sure that the colors of the chair's fabric are in line with your color scheme for the room. If you have blue walls and blue decor, then you should avoid buying a chair with red or pink fabric. Also, make sure that the chair's color will complement your other accessories and decorations in the room.

Another thing you can use the chair for is to create a small reading corner within the room. You can place the chair near a window so that when you read, you'll have sunlight on your face while also having some privacy from prying eyes outside your window. If you have an unused corner in your living room, this would be a great place to put the chair and store reading material such as magazines or books on the adjacent table or shelf.



If you are looking for an elegant, comfortable chair to relax in after a long day, choosing a boucle accent chair is a perfect option. They come in a variety of styles and colors making them easy to match with any existing furniture.

What type of boucle accent chair is your favorite? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by Hailee Mercer

Hailee Mercer has been writing about home design, travel and fashion for four years. She combines her training in interior design with experience working at a furniture store to create compelling articles that connect with readers on an emotional level.

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