Dining Table With Leaf : The Best Option For Your Small Space

Small apartments can seem much more comfier and more spacious if you pick the right furniture. Dining tables are essential, and all homeowners want them. A dining table with leaf is the best you can get for a small apartment. It is a space-saving solution, and it can accommodate more people if required. 

Being a smart buyer, you should consider all available options before placing the order. This buying guide will provide everything you need to assess before buying that furniture. You will learn how to shortlist the best leaf dining room tables!

What's the Problem with the Traditional Dining Table?

Traditional dining tables are large, heavy, and cumbersome. Being made of solid wood, those tables are not for everyone. Suppose you have a condo in a high-rise building. It will be tough to get the table at the top. 

You should prefer a traditional dining table only if you got a large dining room. Avoid it if you got limited space. It is not built for small spaces, and moving it will be extremely tough. A dining room leaf table is much lighter and more user-friendly. You can extend the leaves whenever you need a larger space to enjoy the meal. 

What is a Dining Table with Leaf?

Unlike a standard-size dining table, a dining table with a leaf comes with extensions. Those extensions are called leaves, and the manufacturer supplies them with the table. You get a small table that may provide space for 2-4 people. You can enlarge its size and accommodate more people by extending leaves. 

This type of dining table is perfect for small families and small spaces. The furniture offers space to store extension leaves. Keep them stored if you do not need extra space. Extend the table when inviting guests to your house. 

People buy this type of table to organize the available dining space in a better way. It provides an opportunity to save some space and maintain adequate dining space for family members. You should consider a dining table with extensions over a traditional dining table if you want to maximize the dining space. You will get one or two leaves, and extending the table will be super easy! 



Who Does Need a Dining Table With Leaf?

Every homeowner needs a dining table so that the entire family can enjoy meals together. You get many options when searching for a new table! Do you need a dining table with a leaf? Let’s find out! 

  • You need it if you have got a small house or apartment! 

Modern furniture designers come with some unique furniture designs to save space. The apartment size is getting smaller in big cities. Many families live in those tiny apartments. They search for a dining room table small space

If you own or rent one of such small apartments, you should not buy a traditional dining table. Buy a contemporary-style dining table with extensions. It is going to fit snugly in the available space. You can turn it into a big table whenever you need dining space for more people! 

  • If you need a lighter and more durable dining table

Do you want to buy a dining table that is easy to move and durable? Buy a dining table with leaf if your answer is yes! It comes with simpler designs and its working mechanism is pretty simple. You can easily add leaves to increase the size or remove extensions to reduce the size. 

The table can last for many years if you maintain it properly. Traditional dining tables can be more durable, but they are pretty heavy. Tenants can see extendable dining tables as a better alternative! 



Factors to Consider When Buying a Dining Table with Leaf

Consider the following factors to shortlist the best dining tables for small spaces!


Are you going to place the table in the center of the room or a corner? If you will put it at the center, you can pick any oval, rectangular, or round table with a leaf. Suppose it will be near the window or in the corner; you have to choose the design wisely! Each table is designed to accommodate users in a different way. Therefore, the design and placement matter! 


Measure the available space in your dining room. Ensure the table offers enough space to sit and move when you extend the leaf. If you mistakenly order a large table, you will have to return it because it won’t fit in your space. So, measure the space to pick the right size table! 

Quality of hardware

How does the table work? Do you need to unfold the extension, or do you need to add it by extending the table frame? You should check the working mechanism to assess the quality of the hardware. You should be able to extend and reduce the table size conveniently. Regular use of extending mechanism should not affect the lifespan of the dining table with leaf

The choice of dining chairs 

Does the table come with a traditional-style dining chair? It might not be the best dining set for a small space. Look for a table with foldable dining chairs. Those chairs should be comfy, durable, and easy to fold. Thus, you won’t worry about storing extra chairs when not using them! 

Storage capacity

Unlike traditional dining tables, modern tables offer storage space for cutlery, napkins, and other things. You must consider tables with this feature if you want additional storage space! 


Set a budget and shortlist the best dining tables in that budget. You will find many dining tables with leaf in a decent price range. So, follow these tips and get the best oval, rectangle, or round table with extension leaf


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Written by Hailee Mercer

Hailee Mercer has been writing about home design, travel and fashion for four years. She combines her training in interior design with experience working at a furniture store to create compelling articles that connect with readers on an emotional level.

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