Greening Your Home: 6 Green Room Decor Ideas(2022)

When you're decorating the interior design, it is preferable that you choose white as a basic color, because compared with other colors, it is a versatile element and will make you feel alive. Green is the color of life, makes a person feel vibrant and fresh color, it is a good choice with white collocation, even become the main tone of the house, with retro, eclectic, medieval and contemporary style perfect fit. Master green bedroom adornment concept to add color to drab life.

1. Painting walls green or using green wallpaper

The rear wall will set a basic shadow for your living room. Light green blends well with other colors of furniture and tends to emphasize the integrity of a green living room. Or paint cabinets or fireplaces to blend in with the TV background to make the living room look nicer.

Painting walls green

2. Choosing green furniture

Even if you dont paint your walls green, green living room furniture is more comfortable. This color matches most of the color on the screen, including pink, white, gray, and purple. Also, choose the right green couch, such as olive green, sage green, and emerald green, which can make your interior space look new.

King Sleeper Sofa Green Upholstered Convertible Sofa

To decorate the bedroom, carefully designed mineral-green makeup cases are perfect for dark brown or other medium colors (white, gray, light pink, etc.).

3. Using green fabric and slipcover

If you already have furniture in your home and just want to change the color of your living room, the choice of textile, slipcover, and rug will all give you the look you want. Add matcha-style slipcovers, cushions and pillows to a chair or sofa to make your room feel cozy.

5' x 8' Rectangle Geomatric Contemporary Multipurpose Green Area Rug

4. Collocating with green artwork

When you are not so daring to choose green on walls or furniture, green artwork or decorative items are a good choice to create a comfortable green style living room. In particular, if you can't bring in greenery, this is the green living room or bedroom where the plants are tied to the wall.

Add floral wallpaper, stick green plates on the wall or in the dining room or entrance to make your living space lively and comfortable.

Modern Round Oversized Wall Clock Home Decor Art in Green

5. Moving greenery

Decorating a green living room with outdoor greenery is an effective and common method. The botanical aesthetic can coordinate furniture and enhance interior appearance.

Moving greenery

6. Blending the green hue

Have no idea how to choose green curtains for furniture or interior decor? What if you redecorate a room with a pure green pigment? Try to decide above all tonal and the compatibility of household style. Then, distribute shadows to walls, sofas, coffee tables, dressing tables, lighting, planting, etc.

The green types can be classified in interior design:

• Light green: similar to fresh grass color.

• Sage green: Greenish gray tint resembling the dried sage leaves.

• Olive green: dark yellowish-green, like green olives.

• Emerald green: bright turquoise with a hint of blue that can create a glamorous

and a bold look.

• Dark green: sometimes similar to emerald green, but much darker.


The green living room or bedroom decor these ideas will be attractive and make your home look different from others. Different shades of green will bring nature.

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Written by Hailee Mercer

Hailee Mercer has been writing about home design, travel and fashion for four years. She combines her training in interior design with experience working at a furniture store to create compelling articles that connect with readers on an emotional level.

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