6 Tips to Help Find Your Ideal Sofa Bed

What's your opinion of a sofa bed? Maybe an uncomfortable nightmare that will induce insomnia? Things have changed quite a bit, including sofa bed, or what you would like to call a sleeper, sleeper sofa, or sleep sofa. It can be the most durable piece of furniture with multiple functions in your house. With a decent sofa bed, any room can be changed into a bedroom.

On most occasions, a sofa bed will be used as seating. So, you just need to follow your regular steps as you buy any other type of sofa, for example, checking its design or frame material. When shopping for a sofa bed, what is different is that the quality of mattress and operating mechanisms should also be your concern.

Prior to the 6 tips for helping find your ideal sofa bed, you may also be

1. Frame? A Hardwood One Comes Out Better

Looking for the strongest and most durable frames for your sofa bed? Remember: choose those made of kiln-dried hardwood. If not, a combination of furniture-grade plywoods and hardwood still turns out to be much better than those soft woods, taking pine as an example.

74.8" Full Sleeper Sofa Leath-aire Upholstered Convertible Sofa Storage Sofa

2. A Quality Open-and-Close Mechanism Matters a Lot

Squeaking or sticking mechanisms just don't match with a quality sofa bed. Choose those units designed with a lock-down bar that ensures proper closure and easy opening. Inspect carefully and make sure you will get a good opening mechanism.

Modern Light Gray Cotton Linen Upholstered Convertible Sofa Bed with Storage

3. Smooth Edges Guarantee You a Comfortable Night

Comfortability ranks high on the list of priorities when buying a sofa bed. Make sure that the edges on all inner mechanisms are smooth enough. That way, sheets and blankets don't snag or rip.

Also, before closing the unit of the sofa bed, remember to remove sheets and quilts, despite its quality operating mechanisms, so that the alignment on different parts won't shift.

Modern Full Sleeper Sofa Linen Upholstered Convertible Sofa with Storage

4. Attention to the Mattress

A high-quality mattress accounts for a night of sound sleep and will benefit your shoulders, hips, and lower back.

What kind of mattress can be deemed high-quality? A thicker one is not necessarily a better choice. Instead, a thinner, but better-made one can provide better support for your body. Apart from that, a comfortable mattress pad can help you have a better rest on your sofa bed.

74.8" Full Sleeper Sofa Leath-aire Upholstered Convertible Sofa Storage Sofa

5. Test, Test, Test

No matter how superb a sofa bed looks, always remember to test it before you buy it. Go and inspect its mechanisms and mattress.

6. Measurement Avoids Trouble

Don't forget to measure your sofa bed before buying it. It needs to pass through the entries in your house to get to the destination. In addition, the room it requires is equal to a regular bed or even more when it's unfolded. So, before placing any pieces of furniture in front of it, ensure that they are light and easily movable in order that you can lift them out of the way when you need some sleep or take a nap.

King Sleeper Sofa Green Upholstered Convertible Sofa

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