Maximizing Space and Style: A Guide to Small Apartment Decor


Living in a compact space doesn't mean compromising on style or functionality. My home, covering a built-up area of 115 square meters with a net interior space of 86 square meters, is a testament to this. Although the shared common area is slightly larger than usual, the satisfaction I derive from my neatly decorated, increasingly beloved home overshadows this minor inconvenience. Here's how I made the most of my small yet stylish living space:

🔨 Sturdy and Stylish Hard Decor

Choosing the Right Palette

  • Main Colors: The entire house sports a base palette of wood grain and white. This simple yet elegant choice not only adds a cozy warmth to the home but also avoids the monotony of plain white walls.


Flooring and Balcony Design

  • Tiles: We used light grey tiles throughout the house. The balcony's sliding doors were removed to extend the living and dining area, making the space appear larger.
  • No Main Light in Living Room: This design choice prevents the small space from feeling cramped and maintains the illusion of height.
  • Dining Area Lighting: A linear pendant light graces the dining area. Its minimalist design complements the small space, adding a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the area.

Furniture and Fixtures

  • Skirting Boards: The house features 4cm high black solid wood skirting boards.
  • Custom Cabinets and Doors: All the cabinets and doors in the house are custom-made, extending from floor to ceiling. This design strategy makes the small space appear more expansive.

🌿 Soft Decor for a Cozy Touch

Harmonizing Colors and Textures

  • Palette: The soft furnishings continue the theme of white, grey, and black, with occasional splashes of color for added depth.
  • Dining Table: The rock slab dining table, in black and white, is simple yet elegant, contributing to a pleasant dining atmosphere.
  • Living Room: Instead of a coffee table, I opted for a light-colored carpet to create an illusion of more space.

Adding Life to Spaces

  • Greenery and Flowers: Placing green plants, fresh flowers, and scented candles around the home elevates its sophistication and creates a welcoming environment.

💡 Expert Tips for Small Apartments

When decorating a small apartment, simplicity is key. For larger areas, use light colors to give an illusion of space, and use darker shades for small items to create contrast. This approach not only makes the space feel larger but also ensures ease in later redecoration or adjustments.

Inspired to revamp your small apartment? Why not mirror my home's decor to transform your dream home into a reality? If you have any questions or need tips, feel free to reach out!

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Remember, in small spaces, every inch counts. Your home can be a canvas for your creativity, reflecting both functionality and your personal style.


Written by Hailee Mercer

Hailee Mercer has been writing about home design, travel and fashion for four years. She combines her training in interior design with experience working at a furniture store to create compelling articles that connect with readers on an emotional level.

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