Embracing the Circle: A Cozy Dining Space Transformation in a Small Apartment



When I first embarked on the journey of decorating my apartment, the decision to go for a long dining table was primarily driven by the spatial constraints posed by the proximity of the kitchen and the bedroom doors. This setup, albeit practical, came with its own set of challenges. Especially during meal times, the positioning of the table inadvertently obstructed the doors, though this was remedied by simply tucking the chairs under the table when not in use.


The Shift from Rectangle to Round

However, as time went by, my mind started to wander, conjuring up images of what my typical small apartment's dining area could look like with a round table. The envisioned scenes were full of ambiance, complemented perfectly by the pre-arranged dining room lighting. Eventually, I made the leap: the long table was replaced with a round one.

Selecting the Perfect Round Table

When choosing the size of the new round table, I had to once again consider the doorways. I opted for a table with a diameter of 80 cm, which is quite suitable for two diners. However, for families larger than two, I would recommend going for a table that's at least 100 cm in diameter.

The Benefits of Going Round

The round table solved a peculiar problem: the awkwardness of arranging dishes on a long table. With the rectangular table, it felt strange to place a row of dishes between two people sitting opposite each other. The ends of the table remained unused, and the dining space felt cramped. The round table, on the other hand, simplifies everything – just pile everything in the center!

A Spacious Illusion

Interestingly, the distance between the sideboard and the dining table hasn't changed, but the room feels significantly more spacious. The entrance now presents a visually pleasing, open space, even allowing my pet dog, Matcha, to run around freely without bumping into table legs.

A Ritual in Every Meal

With the round table, every meal feels like a ceremony. There's an inexplicable urge to treat the food with more finesse, to pair it with the right cutlery, and to enhance the atmosphere with fresh flowers and aromatherapy. It's all about dining with intention and appreciation.

Conclusion: A Reflection of My Current Self

In essence, my little green-themed dining area has become a true reflection of my current tastes and preferences. It's a space that I've grown to love dearly.

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Written by Hailee Mercer

Hailee Mercer has been writing about home design, travel and fashion for four years. She combines her training in interior design with experience working at a furniture store to create compelling articles that connect with readers on an emotional level.

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